About DAKSH Foundation


About Daksh Foundation

DAKSH(Developing Appropriate Knowledge and Skill for Humanity) FOUNDATION

DAKSH (Developing Appropriate Knowledge and Skill for Humanity) FOUNDATION established in the year 2015 is an organization that aims to showcase the hidden knowledge and skills of artisans and give them every bit of the due credit they deserve. DAKSH Foundation envisions building a community of skilled artisans and providing them a platform to showcase their craft, talent and hard work through a form of art.DAKSH foundation is dedicated to catalyzing social and economic growth of skilled artisans and building a lasting bridge towards innovation, skill development and overall empowerment.

DAKSH strongly believes that “holistic development” is the key to sustained impact.  Over the years, we have successfully partnered with talented individual artists as well as groups and rural development organizations at grassroot levels to bring our mission “to make every artisan and farmer skilled, self-reliant and dignified” into reality. Working closely with local communities, DAKSH partners with NGOs to develop innovative solutions and with governments to create and scale sustainable impact.

Over the years we have received support from young and passionate people from different walks of life.  It has been an honor to hold an ecosystem of young children, men, women, CSR agencies, NGO’s, philanthropists and researches into a strong knit network.DAKSH imagines a future where artists are recognized for their skills and talent, a time when children of artisans and those of others take pride in building a profession out of their passion.

How We Operate

Daksh Ecosystem

DAKSH ecosystem provides a credible platform with a broad network of aspiring and pertinacious men and women, young children with NGOs, companies’ CSR departments, Donor agencies, individuals, philanthropists and researches to not only achieve their own specific goals but escalate towards a broader perspective of large-scale social development.

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