Daksh Toy Bank

Daksh Toy Bank was started to bring joy in life of every child through toys. This is done by recycling the donated toys and distributing them to those who would need them the most.

We believe that active physical and mental activities help children's brains develop. Play should not be considered a leisure activity, but rather something that promotes a child's growth and emotional well-being.

A toddler learns to identify colours and shapes through games and toys, which helps them improve their motor skills. Learning alphabets and numbers can also be made much easier for young children by using toys or games.

Every donated item is inspected for defects and restored if necessary thanks to our dedicated processing facilities.

It is then prepared for dispatch by being cleaned and repackaged. The distribution of specific toys to children is then done taking into account their age as well as their intellectual and emotional development.

Join us in our mission to recycle toys in order to recycle smiles.

Recycling is not a new concept; we have traditionally given our clothes and toys to our younger siblings.
At Daksh Toy Bank, we apply this concept (joy of giving) on a larger community scale.

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