Daksh Sanskarshala

Within this initiative, the foundation adopts various artisan families and exhibits their work at fair trade prices during Daksh Mela, which is organized yearly.

About the Initiative

Sanskarshala is an initiative  that aims to impart the rich cultural heritage of India to the younger generation. Through this program, we strive to educate children about the traditional values and moral duties that are an integral part of Indian culture. The program is designed to provide children with a holistic learning experience that focuses on instilling core values such as respect for elders, love for nature, and compassion towards all living beings.

Our team of dedicated and experienced educators has designed an interactive curriculum that is both engaging and informative. Through storytelling, music, and creative arts, we teach children about the importance of family values, social responsibility, and ethical behavior. We believe that by instilling these values in children at a young age, we can help shape them into responsible and well-rounded individuals who contribute positively to society. Sanskarshala is an initiative that not only preserves the cultural heritage of India but also helps in creating a better future for our country.

At Sanskarshala, we are committed to providing children with an enriching learning experience that goes beyond the classroom. We organize cultural events, field trips, and other activities that expose children to various aspects of Indian culture. Our aim is to provide a comprehensive learning experience that helps children develop a deep appreciation for the diverse cultural traditions that make India unique. We believe that by promoting these values and traditions, we can help build a more harmonious and inclusive society where everyone can thrive. Join us in our mission to preserve and promote India’s cultural heritage by enrolling your child in Sanskarshala today.

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